The Early Years


Disney paintings for private residence
First Mural for Mom & Dad's sun porch
My Personal Murals, private commissions, and crafts

Bridget King began painting when a family friend asked her to paint large canvases of Disney characters for her Florida home. These paintings range in size from 2'x3' up to 4'x5'.


Shortly after, she painted her first mural at her Mom & Dad's house for their sun porch: birds and branches.


Next, Bridget tried her hand at painting figures when she did a mural in her own home, depicting her girls at the beach.  


King's next project was making a floating mural, the family pontoon boat, depicting scenes of the West she and her husband Dan love so much. 


Years later, Bridget painted another mural on that boat, pictured here.


Also pictured are other projects that include hand-painted furniture, schools, signs, banners, and just about anything else.

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