About Bridget King

  "I took an elective drawing class in college, but never thought to go any further with art. I graduated with a degree in Secondary Education with an English major, and I became a high school English teacher. About 14 years ago, a family friend asked me to do 10 paintings for her, large paintings!  I was anxious and unsure of myself, and it was daunting work. But the challenge was exhilirating...I've always had a natural ability to draw, but I had never picked up a paint brush in my life. The finished works were well-received. As time went on, word-of-mouth brought more projects my way, thus honing and refining my skills, and the rest is history. I hope you enjoy my work! I'd be happy to paint something just for you!! Peace, love, and happiness."  -Bridget

© 2014 by Bridget King

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